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Unique Personal 3D Prints for your home or business
taken with our custom multi-camera rig.
Roll mouse over in image and use anaglyph (red/blue) glasses to see the picture below in 3D. If you need Anaglyph Glasses Click Here.

The lenticular 3D print that you receive can be seen without glasses!

Have a compelling 3D print made of your family, pets, wedding etc.

that can hang on the wall and delight your friends and colleagues.


Within the greater Toronto area

1: We come to your place for a free, no obligation consultation, show you samples and discuss  your special 3D photo.

2: If you decide to go ahead, we return with our special multi camera rig and take pictures. We review with you the pictures at the time and you choose the image that you would like to have made into the lenticular (no glasses) print.

3: In about one month, we return with your finished lenticular 8 X 10 print (Larger prints are available at extra cost)

You also receive all of the image files (including the unprinted ones) on a DVD and some reference prints in anaglyph (red/blue glasses) 3D along with a pair of red/blue glasses.

Contact us at about prices. 

If you are located outside of the Toronto area then a travel fee will apply.

Contact Snap 3D   Email:   Tel: 416-850-1972

As well as lenticulars and normal anaglyphs, using the multi camera rig it is possible to get unique images that can be shown on a computer screen.

The picture of a family playing that follow was taken with a 10 camera rig with all of the cameras synchronized. The first image is called a “Rocker” picture. It is an animation of all of the cameras in order from Camera 1, then Camera 2, Camera 3 and so on up to Camera 10 and then back again. The effect is as if you were walking back and forth across a still image.

The second image is called a “Pulsar” picture. It is an animation of all of the cameras in 3D from Cameras 1 + 2, then Cameras 1 + 3, Cameras 1 + 4 and so on up to Cameras 1 + 10 and then back again. The effect is as if the 3D still image is getting deeper and shallower in a rhythmic way. You will need to use anaglyph (red/blue) glasses to see the 3D effect of the Pulsar on your computer screen.

If you need to get anaglyph glasses click Here.

These computer images are possible in addition to the lenticular (no glasses) prints that are available from the multi camera rig.

To find out what a multi camera rig lenticular looks like we recommend that  you buy a 8 X 10 lenticular and/or anaglyph from our Multi Camera Gallery.

Most of these images are for sale as either anaglyphs or lenticulars. Click Here for Price List.

To see other Multi Camera prints go to the “Multi Camera Gallery”
. Click Here.

Click Here to see some sample Pulsars.

Click Here to see some sample Rockers.