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Multi Camera Rig Gallery Price (US Funds) List

All of the images on this price list are available as either 3D lenticular prints (no glasses needed) or as 3D anaglyph (red/blue glasses needed) prints. The lenticular prints don’t require 3D glasses or viewing aids to see the 3D effect. There are several sizes available. Some prints are only available in certain sizes. There will be a black “X”  in the size if available in that size. There will be a red “X” in the size if in stock. If a space is blank then that print size is unavailable for that picture. Stock items can be shipped right away. Out of stock items can be shipped in about 30 days. Use title to identify pictures.

To order prints or if you have questions, contact us at or Tel: 416-850-1972

If you want to have your own custom image made from the multi camera rig contact us at or Tel: 416-850-1972

We also attend events or photo groups to take custom multi camera photos. Contact us for details.

We don’t have a shopping cart system.

Canadian customers can pay in Cdn funds if they wish.

8 X 10 lenticular prints are available from our gallery for $29 US. Contact us at or Tel: 416-850-1972 for more details.

Prices for various sizes of stock anaglyph prints

3R(3.5” X 4.5”) print

3R(3.5” X 4.5”) in wood frame

Click here to see wood frame choices

3R(3.5” X 4.5”) in wood frame with screw ring and picture pin

5R(5”W X 7”H)

8R (8” X 10”)

Larger sizes are available. Contact us for a quote.







One pair of Anaglyph Glasses are provided with every order that has anaglyph prints. Extra glasses are available for $0.90 each. All anaglyphs are in stock and can be shipped right away.

Stock Lenticular Availability

Item # and Title

8R(8 “W X 10”H)

Or 10”W X 8”H

Buskerfest Toronto Aug-12 Elvis Impersonator


Leuty Boathouse Toronto Beaches


Streetcar Neville Park Loop Toronto






Goof Restaurant and Streetcar Beaches Toronto


Kew-Williams-House Beaches Toronto


Welland-Tennis Club Welland, Ont.

Demo Only

Not for Sale


Demo Only

Not for Sale

Cost of lenticular print


Because of the multiple cameras used to take these images there are 2 interesting ways to display the images on the computer as well as viewing them as lenticular or anaglyph prints. These 2 computer visible ways are called “Rockers” and “Pulsars”. To see these methods refer below.

To see the Multi Camera Rig Gallery Pulsars Click Here

To see the Multi Camera Rig Gallery Rockers Click Here

How to buy prints

1: Note the name, size and type (lenticular or anaglyph) of the prints that you are interested in.

2: Email us at:  or telephone 416-850-1972 with your requests. We will tell you of the availability of the prints that you requested.

3: You then can pay by Visa, Mastercard or paypal and give us your shipping address.

4: We send out our in-stock prints to you or order your prints for later delivery. All anaglyphs are in stock.