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Business Opportunities


There are various ways that you can make money with our products and services.

Become a wholesaler of our 3D Gallery prints and sell them at a profit.

The prices that you see on our website are retail prices. There are lower prices available for retailers and entrepreneurs that choose to become wholesalers.

Q-How do I become a wholesaler?

A-Easy….If you buy $200 + of our prints, we give you the wholesale rate. You can mix and match however you want to make up the $200 worth. If we are out of stock on certain items we notify you and you can substitute other items to make up the amount.

Q- What are the wholesale prices?

A- Contact us and we will tell you the wholesale price list.

Make custom animated postcards of your area.

Almost every place has landmarks, local sights etc. You can use a digital camera and capture images of you local area to make into postcards that animate when you tilt your wrist. See “Animated Postcard tutorial” in the “Animated Business Cards” page.

3: Take 3D pictures of people, pets, local sights etc.

Using scans from a 3 or 4 lens film camera or files from a 2 lens camera such as the Fuji 3D digital camera, you can take pictures of kids, pets, sport teams, wedding etc. and sell them in your area with a mark up of our prices.

Make animated business cards

By using your digital camera or using files from clients you can design animated business cards for your local area with a mark up of our prices. See ”Animated Business Cards”.

2 Image 3D collectables

If you are a 3D collector of old stereo cards, realist slides etc., You can take digital files of some of the gems of your collection or that have local interest and make them into lenticulars that could be enjoyed without viewing aids by non 3D people. See our “2 image 3D into lenticulars” page.

6: Attention Retailers

If you have a store or sales office of images already, we offer you a no risk method of putting our best 3D pictures into your shop. Purchase $200 + of our prints at wholesale rates and you have the option of returning any unsold pictures within 6 months for a refund (shipping not included). We are so confident that the prints will sell that we can make this great offer. We are confident that you will re-order instead of sending prints back to us. The refundable order is only good on the first order.

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