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3D Lenticular Cameras


We make 3D lenticular "no glasses" prints from digital files from various types of 3D cameras. These can be digital files from the Fuji 3D digital camera or other  2 lens digital cameras or 2 lens cell phones. We do not sell any 3D cameras but  provide printing services for 3D cameras.

We also make 3D lenticular prints from the digital scans of film negatives of various multi lens film cameras as seen below:

Consumer prints from 2, 3 and 4 lens lenticular cameras

KalimarSingle Use Reloadable 3D magic 3D FX
Magic 3D Magic Plus 3D Trio Wizard
Photon Trilogy 4 Lens Nimslo 4 Lens Nishika 4 Lens Rittai
The digital files can also come from computer generated files, digital multi camera rigs, digital scans of old stereoview cards, Viewmaster reels, RBT cameras or 3D Realist or European slides etc.

NB: It is important to note that we no longer do 3D prints directly from film. The 3D and animation prints can only be made from digital files now. Do not send us any film!

For tips on how to take a good lenticular 3D picture, see our “3D Shooting Tips

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