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2 to 6 Image 3D Files into 3D Lenticular Prints

You can get your existing regular 2 lens 3D camera pictures made into 3D lenticulars. Regular 2 lens 3D is great but you need glasses or viewers to see the result. Here is your chance to pick out some of the gems from your collection and get them made into "no glasses" lenticulars for sharing and displaying to friends and family without the need for viewing devices.

For 2 Image cameras, we specialize in making 3D prints from the Fuji 3D digital cameras W1 or W3. Just send us the .mpo files or right and left jpgs from the camera and we do the rest. See "Send us finished files".

For small prints (8" x 6" or smaller) we use a fine 169 LPI material. For 8 X 10 and larger we use a 60 LPI or 20 LPI material.

You can also have computer generated 3D, historic stereoview cards, 2D to 3D conversions, beamsplitter 3D from digital cameras, 2 lens cell phone cameras and almost any other type of regular 2 image stereo picture printed as lenticulars as well. See our 2 to 6 Image 3D into Lenticulars FAQ section.

If you have more than 2 images such as film from the old 3 and 4 lens film cameras and/or you have questions about any of this, see our 2 to 6 Image 3D into Lenticulars FAQ section or contact us  at or Tel: 416-850-1972.

If you want to know how to prepare yor files, check our “2 to 6 Image 3D into LenticularsTutorial.

How much does a 2 to 6 image digital lenticular print cost? See Price List.