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2 to 6 Image 3D Stereo into Lenticulars FAQ

Q1- What does a 2 image 3D lenticular from a digital file look like?

A- It looks very similar to our former film based pictures depending on the quality of the original images but has a slightly narrower “sweet spot. There also tends to be more parallax in lenticulars made from normal 2 lens 3D cameras than the former 3 and 4 lens lenticular film cameras. To see what our lenticular pictures look like you can order the desired print from our sample kit. Please specify that you want a 2 image 3D print from a Fuji 3D camera as your sample or a 3 and 4 lens print 2 Up sample or both (Item # 2, 3 or 4). See "Sample Kit" for details.

Q2- How many frames of 3D can be put into the picture?

A- We can print whatever your 3D capturing device will provide from 2 to 6 images.

Q3- What type of 3D pictures qualify for making lenticulars?

A- If you have a regular flat 2D picture that you want converted to 3D refer to our 2D to 3D Conversion page. Click Here. If you already have a 2 image stereo film slide or negative picture from a 3D camera, Viewmaster images or a 3D print such as from a historical Stereocard we can make it into a lenticular after it has been scanned into a digital format and prepared as per our instructions. (See 2 to 6 Image 3D into Lenticulars Tutorial). We can also make a lenticular print from 2 to 6 images from slide bar 3D, digital camera and computer generated 3D as well. However all 3D pictures whether they are film or digital have to come to us as digital files.

Q4- What do I have to do to get my existing 3D images made into lenticular prints?

A- You scan ( which is a photo lab that can scan your film into digital files.) or otherwise make your left and right images into digital files and then prepare them as jpgs or .mpo files as per our instructions. (See our Tutorial). You will need an imaging program such as Adobe Photoshop (See Adobe) to accomplish this.

Q5- How do I prepare the files to send to you?

A- See our “2 to 6 Image 3D into Lenticulars Tutorial”. If you don't have the time or the expertise to prepare the files as per our instructions, contact us at  and we can prepare them for you. There may be a fee involved depending on how much time and effort that we need. For 2 image files from a Fuji 3D digital camera there is no preparation needed. Just send us the files. See "Send us finished files".

Q6- How do I send the finished file to you for printing?

A- See our “Send us finished files” Tutorial

Q7- How much does it cost?

A- Go to Price List Click Here.