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3D Image Galleries

Welcome to our 3D Image Galleries. All the pictures in these Galleries are available as 3D lenticular prints or anaglyph prints. We have presented them as anaglyph pictures (red/blue glasses) that allow you to see the 3D effect on your computer.

The lenticular prints can be framed and put on display and make excellent gifts. We keep adding to our Galleries so visit on a regular basis to see new pictures.

Roll mouse over flat images below to see the images in 3D.You will need anaglyph (red/blue) glasses to see the 3D effect on your computer monitor. A 3D anaglyph print will look similar to what you are seeing on your computer screen with the anaglyph (red/blue) glasses. If you want to order anaglyph glasses and print Click here.

We have 3 different Galleries.

Gallery Number 1:   3D Famous Art and Paintings

Renoir- 2 Girls at the Piano 1892

We specialize in making realistic 2D to 3D conversions of famous art and paintings to add a unique twist to well-loved pictures. Skilled 3D technicians have been careful to add only the Z axis (depth) to a flat image without disturbing the nuances of the original picture.

ENTER the Famous Art and Paintings Gallery

Gallery Number 2:   3D Vintage Black and White Pictures

Biplane 1916

For a hundred years, from 1850 to 1950, there were millions of 3D photos of all types of subjects that were mounted on cardboard or glass and displayed in special viewers. We have taken some of these wonderful images from the past and made 3D lenticular prints for your enjoyment.

ENTER the Vintage Pictures Gallery

Gallery Number 3:   Multi Camera Pictures

Peter Sinclair with Multi Camera Lenticular Rig

Using a custom made Multi Camera Rig I have taken various 3D pictures of my neighborhood in the Beaches area of Toronto as well as other real life scenes in other places. I have also done artistic twists on some of these pictures to create interesting visual effects, all in 3D and all available in a (no glasses) lenticular format. I invite you to look at some of these images.

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