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Send Us Finished Files

This area is to be used by those who want to send us 3D picture files for 3D prints ( See “3D consumer printing”) or animation picture files for animation prints (See “animations”) or animated business cards or postcard files. (See animated business cards”).

When your files and/or templates are ready to be sent to us, email us at and let us know that you are ready. We will direct you on how to send the files. Email us after the files have been sent to us as per our instructions so we know when to download them.

After receiving the files we will review them and then tell you what the costs are. You then can pay by paypal to: or pay by Visa or Mastercard. After payment we process your order into prints.

 Do not send files directly to our email unless authorized as our emails are only for correspondence and can’t handle large files.

Also please email us at with the following information:

Full Name:                                               Mailing Address:

Number of Templates:

We will setup a folder on Dropbox that you can upload your files to. You’ll receive an email back from us with your folder's login information. You then can drag and drop your files into your private Dropbox folder.

Email us when the files are loaded. We will retrieve your files from the folder and notify you that we have received them.