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3D Shooting Tips


  1. Keep main subject well centered. Lenticular printing crops in the sides.

  2. Place main subject 5-10 ft from camera.

  3. Always keep the camera horizontal

  4. Our prints are in landscape mode (4”H X 6”W) so compose your picture accordingly. You can have 2 portrait mode (4”H X 3”W) prints done side by side on a 4”H X 6”W print if needed.

  5. Try to avoid having any object closer than 3 ft from the camera especially at the sides.

  6. More depth planes in the picture looks better than less. For instance: “foreground flowers-person-background bush-far trees-hillside” looks better than “person-hillside”.

  7. “Trailing” depth is often effective in 3D pictures. Trailing depth objects include fences, railroad tracks, walls etc. that go from the viewer into the horizon.

  8. Semi-transparent objects such as smoke, steam, fire or veils look good in 3D.

  9. Depth multipliers like mirrors and puddles can often be used effectively.

  10. Use action to enhance a 3D picture such as throwing leaves or snow in the air in front of a person’s face.

  11. “Busy” scenes look good in 3D. Lots of clutter on a table or twisted branches in brambles are examples of this.

  12. In general, just compose scenes with depth or the “Z” axis in mind when using a 3D camera.

If you have any questions contact us at (416) 850-1972
Good Luck, Everybody! And we look forward to seeing your pictures.