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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered here or is more technical or sales oriented please contact Snap 3D at any of the methods below.



Q1- What is the Cut Out picture in 3D?

A- We place a human (or animal?) face as a normal 2D photo that you send us by email into a Famous Art picture like Mona Lisa and send you back a print in 3D. The print that we send you is a lenticular which can be seen in 3D without any viewing aids or glasses. The prints come in various sizes depending on what 3D image the cut out is being put into.

Q2- What 3D images can I put my Cut Out into?

A-The image that the Cut Out is to be put into has to be in 3D already. Your picture that you send us is in normal 2D format as a jpg. That means they have to be from our own catalog of 3D images. We have a group of classic images that we have in our Cut Out gallery.

Q3- Are there any other choices of 3D images that my cut out can go into other than your Cut Out gallery ?

A-Yes…You can browse through the Famous Art and Vintage Galleries on our website and pick out almost any of our 3D images to have your cutout go into. You can have a single cutout say your face in Gainsborough’s Blueboy or multiple cutouts such as your guys at work all cut out and pasted in the Draper’s Guild by Rembrandt. You can even do the reverse and have the famous cut out put into your own 3D scene. You would send us your own 3D pictures such as from a Fuji 3D camera and a picture of Mark Twain and we’ll put Mark Twain’s head playing golf or poker with your pals in 3D from the Fuji 3D original. The key thing is that there must be a 3D picture to put the cut out into either supplied by us or by you. The cut out itself should be in normal 2D.

Q4- What does the 3D cut out look like?

A-You can order a sample 4 X 6 lenticular print of a 3D cut out of a different face on the Mona Lisa along with the original Mona Lisa in 3D so that you can evaluate the actual 3D effect on a print. You also will receive a pair of anaglyph (red/blue) glasses so that you can see the 3D effect on our website. The cost is $9. Click Here to go to the sample kits.

Q5- How do I go about ordering my own Cut Out 3D Print?

A- First you choose the 3D image that you would like your cut out to be put into. Look through the Cut Out Gallery first. Click Here. You also can look through the Famous Art Gallery. Click Here. and the Vintage Gallery looking for a suitable image. Click Here. Be aware that the Vintage Gallery 3D images will be black and white so your color cut out that you send us will made by us to be black and white to look good.

After choosing the 3D image that you like, you contact us at  to make sure we can make a suitable cutout of it for you. If the image is from the Cut Out Gallery then there is no problem as templates for the cut outs have been created in advance. If your 3D image choice is from another source including our own other galleries then we will evaluate the 3D image for its suitability.

Once it is determined that your 3D image choice is suitable, you will choose a size and style of print. See price list. You will then send us a suitable normal picture by email to be used as the cut out insert. We will advise you of the suitability of your cut out image. If acceptable, you then pay for your print by Visa, Mastercard or paypal. We then proceed to make your personal cutout 3D print.

Q6- How do I go about doing my cutout to send to you?

A-After we have determined the suitability of the 3D image that you have chosen, you will now prepare the normal 2D image to put in as a cutout. This is quite simple. You will either have a suitable image already taken with a digital camera or in a digital file or you can take a new one. If taking a new one then you should look at the original 3D image. (ie Mona Lisa) and then have your subject mimic the pose (with a slight smile looking the same way) as best as possible. Use your ordinary digital camera and take a picture of your subject with the right pose ideally against a plain wall. Shoot the picture with at least head and shoulders . If in doubt shoot a little wider than you think is needed. Don’t worry too much about the pose and lighting being exactly right. Just do your best. We can work with most images that are at least close to the original look. Don’t worry about the size, we resize your cutout to fit anyway. To see how your cutout is placed in the original image Click Here.

Q7- How do I send the cutout to you?

A-After taking the picture, you contact us at and we will notify you how to send the photo to us. Often it can be sent to our email but don’t send it first until we say that it’s OK. After we receive your photo we let you know if it is suitable or not. If suitable then you pay and we proceed with making your print.

Q8- How do I pay?

A-You will give us your mailing address and contact telephone number. We then let you know by email how much your print will cost including shipping. You then send us the payment by paypal to:

Or you can pay by Visa or Mastercard. You would give us your number and expiry date. You can phone in that info to 416-690-0377 or you can email the info in 2 separate emails if you feel comfortable doing it that way.

Q9- How long does it take to get my print?

A-Depending on what size you have chosen it can take about 6 weeks to send your lenticular print out to you. If you order anaglyph (red/blue) versions they can be sent out in a day or 2.

Q10- What if I don’t like my print?

A-Unless we have made a technical mistake the prints are not refundable. We do take our best efforts to make sure you will be happy with the result. We evaluate your cutout before printing to be sure that it has a chance of looking good but the results are subjective. With the classics like Mona Lisa and our other Cut Out Gallery pictures there is a very good success rate.

Q11- Do you have any special services for cutouts?

A-Yes……We can add text to the prints such as putting the words “Happy Retirement, Ralph you’ve been “milking” the system for years” above Vermeer’s Milkmaid with Ralph’s cutout for the Milkmaids face.

Or we can put all of your golfing buddies in the faces of The Draper’s Guild by Rembrandt. You can see the original 3D versions of these paintings in our Famous Art Gallery. Click Here.

There is usually a fee for the special work because of the extra time and effort involved but we  tell you the costs in advance. Tell us what you have in mind and we will see if we can accommodate you. You can contact us at:

Q12- Do you have volume discounts or wholesale rates?

A-In general yes. Contact us at: or telephone us at 416-850-1972 and tell us what you have in mind and we can talk.