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Animated Business Cards and Promotional Cards


“Challenge the Ordinary”

Snap 3D is proud to tell you about its service that makes a custom animated business card printed on a lenticular lens. This will give your business or name recognition a “wow” factor that is not possible with conventional business cards. The lenticular lens is 100 LPI on PET plastic and is 0.4mm thick. You create your own design from our template which can be downloaded from our website.

Advantages of our Animated Business Cards

1: People will tend to keep the card and show it to others for the fun and unusual aspect.

2: The card is robust and durable. Other shapes and sizes are available as well.

3: The card is not able to be copied and is ideal for coupons, tickets etc. especially where it is important to prevent unauthorized copies.

4: Visual effect is compelling and will be looked at multiple times by both the recipient and others that see it which will increase exposure for your business.

5: Our card defines yourself or your company as creative and modern. The perceived value is more than the cost. You are seen as thinking the customer is valuable by giving them a high value business card which implies strength and stability for your company.

6: Our business cards are as thin and convenient as conventional business cards.

7: Low minimum quantity of 200 cards. Unlimited maximum. Low minimum keeps the cards within everyone’s budget and gives marketing flexibility for targeted information.

8: Full color back printing is available that allows for text info that is not needed for the visually compelling animated lenticular side. These unusual cards can become a perfect companion to your conventional business cards for special clients.

9: Affordable- the cost is in the same ballpark as high end 4 color biz cards but communicates in a totally different way.

Website: Link to “animated business cards” for details
Call us at (416) 690-0377 or email us at “” for comments/questions.