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Animated Business Cards and Promotional Cards

Taking Animation Pictures Tutorial

Use a digital camera following these few simple rules.

  1. Use a tripod if possible or hold the camera very steady when shooting the animation. You want the background to be steady and only have the action animate.

  2. Do not zoom or pan the camera when shooting the animation.

  3. Shoot the animation in a high enough shutter speed to freeze the action so there is no blurring.

  4. Shoot the animation in high resolution. Shoot more frames than you think that you will actually use. You can always throw away frames later.We can print up to 6 frames of animation but less frames often looks better.

  5. Video mode is both low resolution and tends to be blurry so don’t use it unless the animation cannot be captured any other way.

  6. Burst mode or "continuous shooting mode", which is available in many digital cameras, is very useful for doing animations.

  7. After the animation is captured, preview it as a low resolution gif file on a computer so that you can see the action move. This will give you an idea of what your finished lenticular picture will look like.

  8. After approving the animation as a gif, prepare the high resolution frames as described in our “Animation Prep Tutorial”.

  9. After preparing your finished animation in our template send it to us for printing. See “Send us finished files” tutorial.

  10. Tip:
    Sometimes the best animations are just 2 image “flips”. More frames does not necessarily mean a better animation. An animation that repeats its motion back and forth smoothly looks better than one that “jumps” back to the beginning.

  11. Note:
    You can have your favorite animation put on to business cards (See "Animated Business Card" page) as well as photo quality lenticular prints (See “Animation Prints” page).

If you have any questions contact us at (416) 690-0377 or email us at

Good Luck, Everybody! And we look forward to seeing your pictures.