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Phone: 416-850-1972


Phone: 416-850-1972


Animation Prints Price (US Funds) List

All of the images on this price list are animated lenticular prints. You can move the print back and forth to see the picture move or you can have the print move as you walk by. There are several sizes available. The gallery prints are only available in certain sizes. There will be a red “X” in the size if in stock. If a space is blank then that print size is unavailable for that picture. For doing your own animation these are custom items so they can be shipped in about 30 days.

All prices include doing the artwork with your animation included.

To order animation prints or if you have questions, contact us at or Tel: 416-850-1972

We don’t have a shopping cart system.

Canadian customers can pay in Cdn funds if they wish.

Shipping is not included.

Prices for doing your own small custom  179 LPI photo emulsion prints

4R(4”W X 6”H)

Print only

6”H X 8”W

Print only



You can use the print size to put 2 images side by side for the same cost. For instance, 2- 4”W X 3”H prints can fit on a 4 X 6 print. Note that animations run at right angles to the lens direction for 3D. A 3D print will be 4”H X 6”W while an animation will be 4”W X 6”H

Roll mouse over image to make it animate

Prices for doing your own custom larger  20 LPI photo emulsion prints

(8”W X 10”H)

Print only

10”H X 8”W

Print only

Larger Prints



Contact us for quote


We also have some Gallery Animation prints available. Click here to see the images.

Animation Gallery Prints Availability


3R(3.5” X 4.5”)

3R(3.5” X 4.5”) in wood frames

3R(3.5” X 4.5”) in wood frame with screw ring and picture pin

4R(4 “X 6”)

Titanic-flip 179 LPI





Rockwell  Runaway-flip 75 LPI





Rockwell Triple Self and Sphinx animation 75 LPI





Rockwell Montage animation 75 LPI





Rockwell Runaway and Coin Toss animation 75 LPI





Rockwell Sphinx animation 75 LPI





Toronto Beaches animation 75 LPI






Prices for Animation Gallery Prints

3R(3.5” X 4.5”) print

3R(3.5” X 4.5”) in wood frame Click here to see wood frame choices

3R(3.5” X 4.5”) in wood frame with screw ring and picture pin

4R(6”W X 4”H)

75 LPI Litho






 Rocker Display Stand

A fun way to display your animation is with our Rocker Display Stand. It moves back and forth continuously so that your animation moves all the time and is powered by a single AA battery.

Cost $35 US each.

Roll your mouse over the image to see the Rocker movement.