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3D Famous Art and Paintings---Edgar Degas # 6

Edgar Degas

For more information on Degas click HERE

For more information on Degas’ paintings click HERE ( Under Construction)

To buy 3D prints of this artist click HERE

Roll mouse over flat image to see the image in 3D. You will need anaglyph (red/blue) glasses to see the 3D effect on your computer monitor. If you need to get anaglyph glasses click here.

The lenticular print that you order will have proper colors and no watermark. For prices and sizes see our price list here.

"Rehearsal on Stage"                                     Item # 6-A

"L'Etoile"                                  Item # 6-B

"Foyer de la Danse de L'Opera"                   Item # 6-C

"Orchestra of the Opera"                    Item # 6-D

"The Cotton Market"                                       Item # 6-E

"The Dance Class"                                   Item # 6-F

"Woman Bathing in the Tub"                          Item # 6-G

"La Chanson du Chien"                    Item # 6-H

"Race Horses"                                                   Item # 6-I