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Testimonials for Animated Business Cards

As a graphic and web designer my business card has to have major impact.  The Snap3D card impresses 100% of the time.  I’ve had people ask for extras to show to their friends.  I accidentally dropped a handful in the mall the other day and someone passing by noticed the 3D, asked for one and is now a client.  If you need a business card to say “Wow”, this is the way.

Jason Sykes



It is all good

I have always had positive comments about this card

They never forget the card

One MD wanted one for her daughter

The set up and guidance tough production was very helpful

I would like another shipment

Totally satisfied – just don’t give them to everybody though 

Spencer B. Gay M.D.


Yes Yes Yes. I 'save' those cards for 'special' people (even the governor’s wife got one!) I always get a WOW - that's cool!   Annie

Anna Kurtz, Store Manager, HH Bennett Studio, 215 Broadway, PO Box 147, Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin, 53965

Tel: 608 253 3523, Fax: 608 253 4635


The very thing you produce is totally fantastic the quality is superb, every one I show them to, think they are just the best business card they have ever seen, the feedback I get back is they are the sort of card that people would never throw away, investment in these business cards, is just that a pure investment, cards that people are proud to give to customers please feel free to use my name any time you wish,

"This cards crackle with energy. They're expensive, but you get what you pay for. I've had people show me this card when I gave it to them 5 years ago. They love to show everyone their 3D, tech astute attorney"

Ed Smith

Aloha Peter,

Just wanted to let you know that these are the best business cards any one could ask for. Snap 3D animated lenticular business cards not only stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression but also makes a very bold statement making sure my clients remember me and my business. These cards will cause a stir and be so special that all who gets one will want to show it around to others boosting my businesses even more. Thanks again Peter for a job well done. I am now working on a  new design for a new business and will be calling you very soon.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Joe Puna

Hello Peter Sinclair,

Here is my comment: "easy to clean, rainproof and memorable"

You may also add somewhere "reliable quality". 

I want to order some new cards soon. What are your current rates (including shipping to Germany)?

Thank you. 

Shau Chung Shin

Art Director


Hi Peter

"With my band flimmer we have been looking for a giveaway that would be fun and would raise some attention. Printing stickers is the first thing that came to mind, but it's something every band does. It just won't do the job anymore. Besides of that we wanted the visual concept to be as special as our music is. Luckily we came across Snap 3Ds flipcards in business card size. They are a true special effect and everybody loves them.

"Mobileskino is a group of artists which realize ausiovisual projects and installations. Its not hard to imagine that we needed a business card which offers a special visual treat. Snap 3Ds flip cards are exactly that. Everybody knows these flip images from their youth: A moving image on a normal piece of paper! And it keeps moving, no need for batteries! A special effect that never loses its attraction. A business card which you hold onto.

David Pfluger of mobileskino (Switzerland)"

I'll be in touch for a new order soon.


We loved the cards you did for Telefactory and in fact, I’d like to see what you could do for my new company, Lively Media.  
“ Our business card was created by Snap 3D and the design was an instant sensation at the international meetings, festivals and seminars we attended shortly thereafter.  In fact, my card was voted (unofficially) the “coolest card” when I attended a conference in Cannes France that year.”

Let talk about the next generation of cards from your company.


Our Snap3D animated cards are sharp, clear and effective and attract a lot of attention.  Thanks Peter for your professional help with the layout. 


Antique med

Hey Peter, please provide a box of those funky 3D business cards. NB: A lot of my good clients are requesting more; they dig them so much.

Pat Flynn