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In the following list are several of the services we offer some of which are new. Roll your mouse over the images below to see them rock back and forth. To see an additional What’s New page Click Here.

169 LPI printing has resumed! (Not Available at this time) Up to 6 images can be printed this way. Either 3D or Animation. See price list

3D Printing from 3D Cameras

We make lenticular prints from almost any multi lens 3D camera past or present. To go to the Consumer 3D Printing page Click Here.

Digital scan from Nimslo 4 lens film camera

Fuji W3 digital 3D Camera

3D Image Galleries

We sell 3D prints of Famous Art, Vintage Images and Multi Camera Rig Images. Roll mouse over images below to see the rocker versions. To see the 3D versions go to the 3D Image Galleries Click Here.                                                  

Famous Art   Vintage Image Multi Camera Rig Image

Café Terrace at Night by Van Gogh 1888

V-5 Parlor Kiss (Stages of Life)1905 stereoview card

Multi camera Rig for lenticular, pulsar and
rocker images

  Animation Prints

 As well as making 3D prints we make custom animated prints from your images. We also have a gallery of stock animated images. Roll your mouse over the images below to see them animate. To go to the Animation Print page Click Here.

Mother kissing Baby 3 frame animation

Samantha Stosur serving at 2011 Rogers Cup
9 frame animation

Photo Cutout in 3D

Remember the plywood cutout at the amusement park where you stuck your face through a hole in the plywood for a crazy silly picture of your face on a different body? You can do that again only in 3D! You just send us a flat normal picture of your face over the internet and we send you back a finished 3D print that you see in 3D with no glasses. Roll mouse over image below to see how the idea works. To see the 3D versions and more info go to the Photo Cutout in 3D page Click Here

The Milkmaid by Vermeer 1658

Other Services 

We also do 3D conversions, custom photos with a multi camera rig, make animated business cards, sell custom wood frames etc. I invite you to check out the left hand column of the Home page to see what is available.

Contact Info

Email us at: or call us at 416-850-1972 if you have any specific questions or comments.


Peter Sinclair
Manager-Snap 3D

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